What It Means To Be An Orthodox Clergyman and Theologian Today

I would like to thank the All-Good God and His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios of America from the bottom of my heart for the highly honourable opportunity to partake of the joy of the celebration of these young theologians’ graduation from the School of Theology of Boston and I am deeply moved indeed to be here in your midst.

Doing Theology While Subject to the Passions

Many theologians, as well as clergy and bishops, produce and publish various texts nowadays. However some, not knowing the weight of what they say, follow the secular notions of competitive journalism. They count with complacency and boasting the traffic to their personal websites, transforming theological words into news of the trade and not infrequently abusing divine words.

The Theologian in Modern Society (Phronema and Behaviour)

In an attempt to determine the position which an Orthodox theologian should have in contemporary society, and the behaviour which is dictated by the mission to respond effectively in his responsibility towards God and human beings, we are obliged to remind ourselves of certain fundamental truths of the Faith, in their organic order and inner […]