Saint Augustine of Hippo on the Sunday of the Blind Man

We have just read the long lesson of the man born blind, whom the Lord Jesus restored to the light; but were we to attempt handling the whole of it, and considering, according to our ability, each passage in a way proportionate to its worth, the day would be insufficient. Wherefore I ask and warn your Charity not to require any words of ours on those passages whose meaning is manifest; for it would be too protracted to linger at each.

Saint John Chrysostom on the Sunday of the Blind Man

And as Jesus passed by, He saw a man which was blind from his birth. Being full of love for man, and caring for our salvation, and desiring to stop the mouths of the foolish, He omits nothing of His own part, though there be none to give heed. And the Prophet knowing this says, That You might be justified when You speak, and be clear when You are judged. Wherefore here, when they would not receive His sublime sayings, but said that He had a devil, and attempted to kill Him, He went forth from the Temple, and healed the blind, mitigating their rage by His absence, and by working the miracle softening their hardness and cruelty, and establishing His assertions.

Sunday of the Blind Man by Metropolitan Panteleimon of Antinoes

The man was born blind. He never saw the light of this world. He never saw the faces of his beloved parents, relatives and friends. He never admired the beauty of the fields. He never could imagine the multitude of the colours of the flowers. He never looked up to see the stars in heaven.

Badness Blinds Us

In our lives, my beloved brothers and sisters, God has endowed us with many gifts. Health, people we love and who love us, the beauty of the world surrounding us, the good things we need in our lives. We acknowledge many of these gifts and sometimes thank God for His loving-kindness.

Sunday of the Blind Man

Today is the Sunday of the blind man and the gospel passage refers to the event of the curing of the blind man, as the content of the troparia also refer to this event. If we gather all our thought, all our self, our heart to this day, the Sunday of the blind man, and especially now that we are inside the church, inside the worship, inside the mystery of the Divine Eucharist, I think that a miracle will take place in our soul and we will leave not as we came, but changed.