Saint Thomais the Righteous of Lesvos, Protector of the Married Life

St. Thomais was from the island of Lesvos and was born between 910-913 AD from pious and rich parents. They were childless, but with the Grace of God and the intercessions of the Panagia, they brought the Saint into the world. The Saint, after pressures and great desires of her parents, was married to a […]

Saint Thomais the Righteous of Lesvos (January 3rd)

St. Thoma├»s the Righteous of Lesvos – Commemorated on January 3rd Note: The incredible, virtuous life of St. Thomais, a protector of the married life, is a wonderful example of the love, patience and forbearance that should exist between Christian husbands and wives. However, this in no way justifies the domestic abuse that she suffered […]