Saint Silouan the Athonite as a Model of our Lives

Several years have passed since I heard, during a certain vigil, the words of the venerable Silouan read about love. I remember that it caused a great impression on me. It made me feel a sweetness in my heart and an unforgettable inner jubilation. Such homilies I have not had much of an opportunity to hear and I admit that I was amazed. Then I found and studied the book of his life and writings, which exude the fragrance of the Holy Spirit and spiritually nourish and quench, because they are words of God.

Aspiring to Be Saints by Saint Silouan the Athonite

In the Kingdom of Heaven where dwell the Lord and His most pure Mother, abide all the Saints. There live our Forefathers and Patriarchs who valiantly carried their faith before them. There dwell the Prophets who received the Holy Spirit, and by their exhortations called the people to God. There dwell the Apostles who died that the Gospel might be preached. There dwell the Martyrs who gladly gave their lives for love of Christ.