The Image of those Who Hope in God

People who hope in God are truly blessed. God is always a help to them and they have no fear of anything that other people might do to them. They hope in God and do what’s right. They have placed all their hope in Him, and they confess Him with all their heart. He is their boast, their God, and they call upon Him day and night. Their mouths send up praise to God, their lips are sweeter than honeycombs, when they open them to sing to God.

Saint Nektarios, Archbishop of Pentapolis

The divine Nektarios of Aegina, is one of the most widely known of Greek Orthodox Saints. He was born on October 1st, 1846 in Silyvria, in Asia Minor. At Holy Baptism he was given the name Anastasios. His parents were simple pious Christians. They brought him up in a manner pleasing to God, and did what their very limited means allowed for his formal education. Having completed elementary school in his hometown, he left for the great city of Constantinople at the age of 14.

The History of the Hymn “O Virgin Pure” by Saint Nektarios

One of the great and most beloved hymns of the Orthodox Church was written in the late 19th century by St. Nektarios of Aegina; it is called “Αγνή Παρθένε” (“O Virgin Pure”). In feeble human language St. Nektarios attempted to express the glory, beauty, power and love of the Panagia, our true heavenly Mother through […]

Saint Nektarios the Wonderworker, Archbishop of Pentapolis

When we think of saints, we often think of people who lived centuries ago. St. Nektarios, on the contrary, lived and died in the earlier part of the twentieth century. Born in Selyvria, Thrace (part of present day Turkey), in October of 1846 as Anastasios Kephalas, Nektarios (his ordained name) began working and studying in […]