Saint Isidore of Pelusium on Passages from the Gospel of Matthew 24-26

St. Isidore of Pelusium interprets certain words of Holy Scripture in this manner: “Two [women] will be grinding at the mill; one will be taken, and one will be left” (Matthew 24:4). This means that many are dedicating themselves to the spiritual life, but with different intentions; some sincerely and steadfastly and others negligently and […]

Saint Isidore of Pelusium: On Evil Thoughts

Whence is it that evil thoughts come forth from the heart, and defile a man? Doubtless, because the laborers are asleep who should be keeping watch, so as to safeguard and preserve the fruits of good seed that is growing up. For unless we have weakened in our vigilance, by gluttony and by sloth, defiling […]

14 Letters of Saint Isidore of Pelusium

1. To the monk Nilus. The holy bishops and the guides of the monastic discipline, from the conflicts and struggles which they underwent,[1] established fitting terms, for activities for our instruction and knowledge. They called the withdrawal from the material world “renunciation,” and ready obedience “subjection.” And they, on the one hand, only had nature […]

Saint Isidore of Pelusium: Life and Writings

Saint Isidore of Pelusium lived during the fourth-fifth centuries. He was a native of Alexandria, and was raised among pious Christians. He was a relative of Theophilus, Archbishop of Alexandria, and of his successor, St Cyril (January 18). While still a youth he quit the world and withdrew to Egypt to Mount Pelusium, which became […]