Two Miracles of Saint Dionysios of Olympus

A widow named Zoe had two children: Demetri and Arsenio. Arsenio became ill and his face swollen. Zoe suffered even more over this.
Demetri brought his brother to the Monastery of Saint Dionysios, that the Saint may pray and supplicate for his healing. Arsenio became so enchanted by the monastic life there, that he decided to don the robes of a monastic. Demetri returned home and informed his mother. Zoe became inconsolable that her son had become a monk. She even went to a witch to cast a spell to remove him from the Monastery.

Saint Dionysios of Mount Olympus

Saint Dionysios of Olympus was born into a family of poor parents in the village of Platina. When he was an infant, the Cross shone over his crib. Fond of prayer and reading spiritual books from his youth, St Dionysios decided to become a monk after the death of his parents. With this aim he […]