On the Path of Saint Cosmas of Aitolia

From an early age I heard many stories about Saint Kosmas. A distant grandfather of mine lived in Grammeno, the village where the parents of Saint Kosmas resided. My parents were described as “Agiokosmites” because they were members of the Religious Association “o Agios Kosmas” (Saint Kosmas), which had a great effect during the Occupation. To their first child they gave the name Kosmas in order to follow in the footsteps of Saint Kosmas. I participated in all of the events that took place in Ioannina on his feastday, and I venerated his sacred relics which were treasured in the Sacred Cathedral of Ioannina.

August 24: Saint Cosmas of Aitolia

The New Hieromartyr Cosmas, Equal of the Apostles, in the world Constas, was a native of Aitolia. He studied at first under the guidance of the archdeacon Ananias Dervisanos, and afterwards continued his education on Mount Athos, at the Vatopedi school renowned for teachers such as Nicholas Tzartzoulios (from Metsovo) and Eugenius Voulgaris (afterwards in the years 1775-1779 the archbishop of Ekaterinoslav and the Chersonessus).

Selected Passages from the Teachings of Saint Cosmas of Aitolia

It is proper to begin our teaching with God, and when we finish it to thank God – not that I am worthy to mention and utter the name of God, but I am sure that God suffers me to do so through His great and infinite compassion. God, the all-good and most merciful, my brethren, is one, and whoever says that there are many Gods is a devil. He is triune: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; yet one nature, one glory, one kingdom, one God. He is all light, all joy, all compassion, all love.