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The Recumbent Lion

This is an iconographical type [usually known by its Greek title “Anapeson”], which represents Christ as a young child, recumbent on a cradle or cot, and symbolizes the fulfilment of the Messianic prophecy in verses 9-12 of chapter 49 of the book of Genesis. In these, the patriarch Jacob pronounces the prophecy which has to do with the tribe of Judah, from which will come the Messiah, and in this way foretells His advent, passion and resurrection.

The Resurrection of Christ and the Mortification of Death

The Resurrection of Christ is the greatest event in the course of History. It is the event that differentiates Christianity from any other religion. The other religions have leaders who are mortal, whereas the head of the Church is the Risen Christ. “Resurrection of Christ” means deification (theosis), and resurrection of the human nature, and hope of deification and resurrection of our own person. Since the medicine was found, there is hope of life.

Man is Sentenced to Immortality

Man sentenced God to death; by His resurrection, God sentenced man to immortality. In return for a beating, He gives an embrace; for abuse, a blessing; for death, immortality. Man never showed so much hate for God as when he crucified Him; and God never showed more love for man than when He arose. Man […]