August 20: Samuel the Prophet

The Prophet was a son born by God’s good pleasure and sanctified from his mother’s womb. The miraculous nature of his birth demonstrates the truth that the conception of a human being is not an act of nature, but the action of God’s grace, and that children are God’s gifts to humanity, and we ought not to idealise or idolise them. The people called the prophet ‘the Seer’ and ‘the man of God’. In the Old Testament we can read about his four great virtues: his purity, his obedience to God’s will, his lack of resentment, and his love for the people, which also found expression through grief.

The Holy Prophet Samuel

Samuel was the fifteenth and last judge of Israel. He lived eleven hundred years before Christ. Samuel was born of the tribe of Levi of the parents Elkanah and Hannah in a place called Ramatha or Arimathea where the noble Joseph was born [Joseph of Arimathea]. The barren Hannah besought Samuel from God through weeping […]