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Projector Screens in an Orthodox Church?

Our goal in liturgy is not to mindlessly recite prayers, neither is it to listen to someone else recite the prayers, but rather, it is to experience communion with God and with the body of Christ, that being the Church.

The meaning of Vesper Service

Vespers is first service of the Daily Cycle of divine services celebrated in the Orthodox Church because the liturgical day begins at sunset.

Why all the Rituals?

Compared to the contemporary worship of most Protestant churches and post-Vatican II Roman Catholic churches, the worship of the Orthodox Church seems overly-formal, complicated, and rigid in its rubrics.

The Liturgical Year

«And God saw all the things he had created and behold they were very good. And there was an evening and there was a morning. The sixth day … And God blessed the seventh day and hallowed it; Because on it he rested from all these works which He made» (Gen. 1:31, 2:3). In this way man is called by God that he too may sanctify the seventh day and participate in rejoicing for the goodness of creation.

The use of Incense in Church

During our Church Services, the priest burns incense in a censer, which is a metal vessel suspended on three chains about two feet long, and provided with a cover to regulate the burning of a small disk of charcoal placed therein. On the chains are twelve small bells, signifying the voice of the twelve Disciples of our Lord. Grains of incense are placed on the burning charcoal.