Orthodox Priest Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, among great personalities from around the world, is an Orthodox priest known as the “saint” of prisoners. Father Gervasios from Thessaloniki has dedicated his life to offer assistance to needy prisoners. The last 35 years he has contributed to the release of 15,200 needy prisoners, who come from 90 […]

The Image of the Priest in Today’s World

What is the essence of priesthood? I think we do well to occasionally take a step back from our daily ministry to contemplate this question, because it is all too easy to lose track of what our service to the Church is all about. I think the essence of priesthood can be summed up in […]

The Commandments of Saint Basil the Great to Priests

Study, O Priest, to make yourself a blameless worker, rightly dividing the word of truth. Never stand at the synaxis having hatred toward anyone so as not to banish the Comforter. On the day of synaxis do not judge, do not argue, but remain praying and reading in the church until the appointed hour in […]

Orthodox Priest killed in Syria while giving medical aid

On January 25, 2012 Greek Orthodox Hieromonk Basilios Nassar was shot by an armed terrorist group in Hama, Syria on the second day of heavy fighting there. Fr. Basilios was at the Metropolis when he was informed by a phone call that a parishioner of his was shot and needed assistance. The Patriarchate of Antioch […]