Bearing the Shame of Confession

In taking the steps which you have presented to us, the most difficult thing, I think, is to overcome the fear of shame. This is what I try to do in my parish.

“Descent” as a way of meeting God

“Descent” as a way of Meeting God. Archimandrite Zacharias from Forerunner’s Holy Monastery, Essex, explains how “Descent” is a perfect way to meet God’s Person.

The Experience of Orthodox Life

The experience of the Orthodox Life. Elder Ephraim from Simonos Petra Monastery, Mt Athos, speaks about the depth of Orthodox spiritual life.

The Meaning of Pain in our Lives

It is easy to philosophise or theologise about pain but it is difficult to have a proper attitude towards pain when one experiences great pain oneself. I believe it is very presumptuous to talk about pain when one has not experienced it oneself. I think of all our brothers all over the world who are suffering physical, psychological or spiritual pain.

The Work of Christ on the Cross

Good Friday, in conjunction with the Resurrection of Christ, is a day of a spiritual explosion, is a spiritual Big-Bang, which did not create a built universe neither became the principle of organic life, but created a situation which is inspired by the new creation and the new birth.

A Testimony about Greek Fasting Practices in 1798

When Francois Pouqueville was held hostage by the Turks in Ottoman Greece in 1798, he gained the respect of the Turks and Greeks alike as a physician, treating and curing the people who were unaware of French medical techniques.