Yoga and the Christian Faith

I was born a Hindu, became a Christian at the age of 22 and have been an Orthodox Christian for ten years. I was brought up with yoga.

The sign of the Cross

To make the sign of the cross, Orthodox Christians lift the right hand and touch the forehead, the lower chest or abdomen, the right shoulder, and the left shoulder.

The Church as a Therapeutic Centre

All these textbooks show that the Church is a Hospital-therapeutic center that cures man. We can see all its work in this perspective.

The Christian Identity

There was an incident in the life of St Spiridon of Trimythous: he arrived at the Cathedral, but the caretaker would not let him in.

A short Christian Moral Guide

Christians, remember what God is, and that He looks not only on your works, but also on your very thoughts and intentions, and that you are not able to hide anywhere or anything from Him.

Bringing up Children in the Church

Imitating Hannah and inspired by the Prophet Samuel, who spent his childhood years in the Temple, we should be careful to instill an ecclesiastical way of thinking in children.