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Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew on Mount Athos

From October 15-19, 2013, His All-Holiness traveled to the historic monastic peninsula of Mount Athos, also known as the Holy Mountain, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of its independence and incorporation into the Greek state. The Patriarchal delegation included Metropolitans Gennadios of Italy and Germanos of Tranoupolis, as well as the Grand Archdeacon Maximos, the Second Patriarchal Deacon Andreas, and the V. Rev. Grand Preacher Bessarion.

Holy Pascha on Mount Athos (video)

Mount Athos has a somber and completely spiritual atmosphere during Holy Week. Visitors to the Holy Mountain during this time find themselves in a completely different world from what they are used to in the world.

Stunning Aerial Photos of Mount Athos

An Orthodox spiritual centre since 1054, Mount Athos has enjoyed an autonomous statute since Byzantine times. The ‘Holy Mountain’, which is forbidden to women, is also a recognized artistic site.

Saint Simon the Myrrh-Streamer, Founder of Simonopetra Monastery

“On December 28, shortly after the Feast of the Nativity, the Church celebrates the memory of St. Simon the Myrrh-gusher through whom the Lord wrought great wonders. A star, like that which led the Magi to Bethlehem, miraculously revealed to the saint the site upon which, by divine command, he was to found a monastery. […]

Byzantine Iconography on Mount Athos

The Holy Mountain has been the great centre of Orthodox art since the fall of Constantinople. But art flourished on Mount Athos much earlier than that, as is shown by some icons and miniatures that have survived the severe vicissitudes through which the Holy Mountain has passed.     Of the older iconographic works, there […]

Monk Joachim Agiannanitis…the Thief (+1889)

Monk Joachim Agiannanitis (of Saint Anna’s Skete,Mount Athos) was born in the village of Kallikratis Sfakia in Crete in the 19th century. As a layman he was a fearsome thief and was the fear and terror of the Turks. He would secretly help the Christians. The Turkish aga gave him everything just to leave the island. With […]