A Monk Defends the Marriage of the Clergy

If we are to understand the events at the beginning of the 4th century related to the above title, we need first to make a brief historical review of the issue of the ordination of the clergy and their married, or non-married life. Naturally, at the time when Christianity was becoming established in the world, the matter of the marriage of the clergy could hardly have been dealt with in the same way as it was later.

Healthy and Sick Monasticism

Monasticism is the glory of the Church, and the monks, as taught by St. Gregory of Nyssa, are the crown of the body of the Church and are truly a jewel of the head, since monks, like hairs, are also dead to the world and glow and radiate the Light of Christ.

Marriage or Monasticism?

Most young people don’t know how to discover their calling in the life. Whether to dedicate themselves to monasticism or select the marriage path. Some have the feeling that monasticism is a more superior choice than marriage and that marriage represents a lower situation. Others believe that any young man who chooses to become a […]