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Human Rights and the Orthodox Church

The adjective «human» attributes something to all humans in general. «Rights» belong to each human individually, unconditionally and without exceptions. Each individual existence, being human, is a bearer of rights. The word «right» refers to the claim-demand of an individual, a claim which is made possible by some commonly accepted (and therefore man­datory for all) code of law.

British Airways Check-In Clerk finally wins her court battle over right to wear a cross

British Airways check-in clerk Nadia Eweida triumphed over the airline yesterday after a six-year battle to wear her cross at work.
Her right to profess her religious belief should have trumped the airline’s powers to mould its image by imposing petty uniform rules on its staff, European judges declared.

A ‘jubilant’ Miss Eweida, who had lost at a string of hearings in Britain, said her first reaction to the ruling had been to say: ‘Thank you, Jesus.’