Bringing up Children in the Church

Imitating Hannah and inspired by the Prophet Samuel, who spent his childhood years in the Temple, we should be careful to instill an ecclesiastical way of thinking in children.

Encyclical on Marriage and Family Issued by the Orthodox Church of Greece

The following encyclical issued by the Sacred Synod of the Church of Greece is meant to uphold the Orthodox Christian principles of marriage and family, and its opposition to the so-called Free Cohabitation Agreement issued by the Greek Government, which is positioned as an alternative form of permanent cohabitation and should not be considered a “soft” marriage.

Prayer in the Family

The power of prayer cannot be underestimated. Often we think of prayer as an individual activity. But for Orthodox Christians there is an emphasis on the prayer of the whole community. This should also apply to prayer in our family life. A family should pray together. If you are a family of two its quite easy to arrange for prayer together. Currently this is my situation and my wife and I always pray together both evening and night. But when you have a family of four with varying ages it is a bit more difficult.