Mark 13:32 and Matthew 24:36 seem to indicate that not only are all men and angels ignorant of the time of the Second Coming of Christ, but that also Jesus is ignorant of the time of His imminent return. In fact, Jesus says that only the Father knows the day and the hour of the […]


1. Introduction, and a general position of the Orthodox on the matter of Theology-Philosophy relations It is a fact that the question is often posed as to how Christianity related to ancient Hellenic philosophy and if the theological thought of the Church Fathers was influenced by Platonic philosophy, resulting in Orthodoxy adulterating the delivered Apostolic […]

Orthodox Christian Belief

Dogma – God is the Lord and has revealed Himself to us; blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord. Hymn from Orthros. The foundation of Christian doctrine, that is, a religious truth issuing from divine revelation and indisputably defined by the Church, is God’s revelation to humanity. The fullness of His self-revelation […]

The Orthodox Church

The Orthodox Church is the ancient Christian Church tracing its roots back to Jesus Christ and His Apostles. The Church embodies and expresses the rich spiritual treasures of Eastern Christianity. Historically, the Gospel of Christ was first preached and the first Christian Communities were established in the lands surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. On Pentecost Day, […]

Is veneration worship?

It is customary for Protestants to accuse Orthodox Christians of supposedly ‘worshipping’ icons, or saints. However, this is an unfair accusation, which has its roots in people’s ignorance on the subject.  In this study, we will demonstrate the true meaning of “veneration” and “worship”. “Worship” is one thing, “Veneration” is another We need to distinguish […]

Are holy Icons “idols”?

Many are the accusations that Satan has accumulated with the passing centuries against the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ. By taking advantage of certain people’s ignorance on the matter, he convinced them that certain objects -normally venerated by the Church- are idols, and therefore all those who likewise venerate them, are idolaters. We intend […]

The Books of the Old Testament

The Books of the Old Testament When the Christian Church was formed, there was no recognised, official canon of Scriptures — the Jews were not a people of the book, they were a people of the Temple. When the Romans laid siege to Jerusalem, the Christians left the city because the results had been prophesied. […]

Holy Scripture in the Orthodox Church

Holy Scripture In the Orthodox Church Based on “Which English Translation of the Bible Should I Use?” by Metropolitan Isaiah of Denver Strictly speaking, there never was a “Bible” in the Orthodox Church, at least not as we commonly think of the Bible as a single volume book we can hold in our hand. Since […]