Elder Paisios on Demons and the Power of the Cross

What is there to fear? Tagalakia have no power. Christ is all-powerful. Temptation is rotten to the core. Don’t you wear a Cross? The devil’s weapons are weak. Christ has armed us with His Cross. Only when we discard our spiritual weapons, then the enemy has power. An Orthodox priest showed a small Cross to a magician, which made the demon he invoked through his magic tremble.

Saint Euphemia’s Conversation with Elder Paisios

Saint Euphemia the Great Martyr (Feast Day – September 16 and July 11). Elder Paisios directed the nuns of Saint John the Theologian Monastery in Souroti to depict St. Euphemia in this way (see icon above) as he saw her in his vision. Saint Euphemia was from Chalcedon and lived a life of virginity for […]