A Letter from the Suffering Church in Gaul-c.175 A.D.

Eusebius, in Book 5 of his Ecclesiastical History, records a letter sent from the Christians in Gaul to their brothers in Asia. As Eusebius writes, this record is “worthy of perpetual memory.” Amid persecution they discovered depths of faith, received great grace, and fought the good fight to the end. May we never see such […]

5th Century Christian Basilica Discovered in Greece after Rainfall

Inga Athanasiadou March 10, 2012 Greek Reporter A 5th Century Christian Basilica was discovered at Livanates Beach near Lamia of Greece, after a heavy rainfall had revealed a small part of mosaic floor belonging to the Christian Basilica. The discovery is a very interesting religious construction, depicting colorful geometric drawings and beautiful renderings of animals’ […]

7th century Anglo-Saxon Teen with Golden Cross Discovered

March 16, 2012 University of Cambridge Extraordinary 7th century discovery on outskirts of Cambridge offers unique insights into the origins of English Christianity.   One of the earliest Anglo-Saxon Christian burial sites in Britain has been discovered in a village outside Cambridge. The grave of a teenage girl from the mid 7th century AD has […]