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What Does it Mean to “Go” to Church?

If we’re honest with ourselves, I think most of us would answer yes to these questions: Church is a place we go, a building we visit. Or maybe we think of it as an organization, a kind of religious non-profit.

People as Liturgical Beings

Through the liturgical experience, we feel that, more than anything, people are liturgical beings. They were made to serve, to offer themselves and the whole world to God with gratitude, praise and worship, to unite with God, to be sanctified, to live, through this continual offering/sacrifice/service.

The Beatitudes and the Divine Liturgy

The Beatitudes, in Byzantine monastic practice, are included in the Divine Liturgy and they form the third antiphon. During the singing of this Third Antiphon, the Little Entrance is begun. (In the parishes as third antiphon is chanted the Resurrectional Apolitikion of the Sunday).

Why Is Sunday So Important For Christians?

Christ resurrected during the early hours of Sunday. We do not know the actual time of His Resurrection, since no one saw Him at that moment, but it was certified when the Myrrhbearing women went to the tomb to anoint the body of Christ with perfumes. Thus, Sunday is the first day of the week, the day of the Resurrection of Christ. If Christ conquered the dominion of death on a Saturday, on a Sunday He certified to all His Resurrection, that He is the conqueror of death and the devil.

The Eucharistic Liturgy in Ancient House Churches

Many evangelical groups today are proposing that we abandon “traditional” models of “being the Church,” and instead replace that stodginess with what is presumably a more “New Testament” model: that of the “house church” or “cell church.” Essentially, they are promoting that the local Church be a de-centralized assembly, meeting in the homes of various […]

How should we attend the Divine Liturgy?

When we come to the Divine Liturgy we should come like the tax collector and the sinful woman who has been the topic of hymnology in the Church particularly in the hymns referring to the Passion that of Holy and Great Tuesday night(in fact Saint Kassiani has dedicated the hymn of praise.”The woman who had […]