On Going to Church

Faith in God and participation in the Divine Liturgy, especially in the Eucharistic Assembly, constitute two inseparable realities for every lively member of the Church. The true Christian cannot live without the Divine Liturgy. The Upper Rooms of the Mystical Supper and Pentecost, whose continuation are the parish churches, constitute the places of the presence of God and of the distribution of the divine charismas par excellence.

The “Invisible Church” Theory

While the greater part of the Protestant world talks about an “invisible Church”, which cannot be traced in History as a church with a specific structure, hierarchy and faith (striving thus to justify their sudden appearance after the 16th century) and instead claims that the Church is supposedly comprised of all who are faithful to Christ, regardless of the thousands of dogmatic differences (their familiar “branch theory”), there is one, much smaller portion of that world – the so-called 7th Day Adventists – who maintain that it is prophesied in the Book of Revelations that the Church will supposedly remain in hiding during the persecutions and would reappear during a specific point in time, near the End Times.