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整全的洗禮: 三合一的入門聖事

人們慣稱的洗禮實屬入門聖事,這是成為教會成員的必要條件。在東正教的傳統,入門聖事是包括三合一的洗禮-傅油禮-聖餐禮。從洗禮歷史上,我們可清晰看見這個儀式是包括上述所說的三個層份,且為一不可分割的整體。正教會回應1984年的利馬文件時,清楚確認這個三層的結構:「對正教而言,不論是為成人或嬰孩所施行的洗禮-傅油禮-及聖餐禮,都是在單一個的慶祝禮儀內進行。」[i] 1987 年的巴利文告(Bari Statement, 第 37-51項) 亦再強調這個儀式為不可分割的整體,儀式亦見証着東西方教父在這重要的教義上的詮釋。[ii] 莫斯科聖統於2000年出版的洗禮禮儀程序,把洗禮和傅油禮放回在聖餐禮儀之內。那不是革新的創舉,乃是努力恢復洗禮之應然面貌。[iii]「教會施行聖禮的形式其實是源於早期教會,儀式顯示教會理解進入教會的不同階段,從神學上及禮儀上,聖禮的形式是透過領受基督的身體和血,使初信者藉進入教會、與基督融合及在祂裏面成長。」(巴利文告,第39項)

Side Effects of Adult Baptism

Were you baptized as an adult? Were you surprised by the way you felt afterwards? Baptism into a new faith is an enormous life change. It is a beautiful and loving act of faith, but like so many beautiful things, it is hard-won, and it does not always lead straight to peace. Like snowflakes, we human beings are all different. No two of us respond to any life event in exactly the same way, and this is true of baptism also. But as the years began to pass after my own baptism and I spoke to other people who converted as adults, I discovered there were things many of us had in common.

A Single Liturgical Celebration of the Rite of Initiation

The necessary condition for one’s membership in the Church is what people commonly called baptism. In the Orthodox tradition, baptism or rite of initiation is a single rite that consists of a three-fold structure: baptism-chrismation-Eucharist. The history of the baptismal rite shows clearly that this three-fold structure of initiation forms a unity that is not intended to be separated.

Why are we Called Christians?

1. Having been baptized into Christ, and put on Christ, you have been given the same form as the Son of God; for God, having foreordained us to adoption as His children, gave us the same features as the body of Christ’s glory. Having therefore become partakers of Christ, you are properly called Christs (anointed […]