Paul, the Christian Equivalent to Muhammad?

Where Christ differs from the Muslims’ Allah is that Christ is the Only-begotten Son of God: He is God, Who exists within a loving Trinity of Godhood – something entirely impossible and unacceptable for Muslims to embrace – and He is also the God who condescended to become an incarnate, weak human, by temporarily “vacating” Himself of His divine vastness and omnipotence in order to save mankind, who would become united to Him – and through Him, to God the Father – thus making mankind “communicants of divine nature” (2 Peter 1:4).

“O Holy Apostle Paul, You Are So Great, You Dwell In The Heavens, Who Can Reach You!”

The Apostle Paul, my beloved, was an “obsessed lover” of Christ, as Chrysostom says, and, motivated by this divine eros, he went everywhere preaching the Holy Gospel. He was a descendant of the tribe of Benjamin (Rom. 11:1) and he has a commonality with the characterization of the Patriarch Jacob, when he blessed his son Benjamin. He said to him prophetically: “Benjamin, you are a wild wolf, who in the morning comes to catch and in the evening divides his prey.”

An Introduction to the Epistles of the Apostle Paul

As I keep hearing the Epistles of the blessed Paul read, and that twice every week, and often three or four times, whenever we are celebrating the memorials of the holy martyrs, gladly do I enjoy the spiritual trumpet, and get roused and warmed with desire at recognizing the voice so dear to me, and […]