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Skull of Apostle Matthew Revealed during Church Celebration

A fragment of the skull of the Apostle Matthew is placed on display in an Orthodox church in Cairo, on Thursday, for the first time in recent memory. The skull was displayed during celebrations of the Church’s 80th anniversary since its foundation. Patriarch Theodoros of Alexandria told Reuters that Saint Matthew was killed in Ethiopia by the […]

Who wrote the Gospel of Matthew?

Who wrote the Synoptic Gospels? Their titles bear the names of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, but did those men actually draft them? Modern scholarship has called this previous assumption into question, with some going so far as to say that the men whose names adorn the books were long since dead. Ground Rules When writing […]

The Holy Apostle Matthew the Evangelist

Matthew, son of Alphaeus, was a tax collector when the Lord saw him in Capernaum and said: Follow Me. And he arose, and followed Him (Matthew 9:9). After that, Matthew prepared a reception for the Lord in his home and thus provided the occasion for the Lord to express several great truths about His coming to earth. […]