Interfaith Meeting and Declaration in Vienna

This is the first time religious leaders representing so many different religions from a crisis region have come together as one to denounce oppression, marginalization, persecution and killing of people in the name of religion.

Saint Matthew the Apostle and Evangelist

In the lists of the Twelve disciples who are recorded in the New Testament, the name Matthew is mentioned. He calls himself this in the list of disciples he quotes in his Gospel (Matth. 10, 3), and also in the narrative of his call to the role of apostle.

All Planets the Same: Religion’s Response to Space Life

I can foresee no way in which the teachings of the Orthodox Christian tradition could be affected by the discovery of intelligent beings on another planet. Some of my colleagues feel that even a discussion of the consequences of such a possibility is in itself a waste of time for serious theology and borders on the fringes of foolishness.

The Meaning of Pain in our Lives

It is easy to philosophise or theologise about pain but it is difficult to have a proper attitude towards pain when one experiences great pain oneself. I believe it is very presumptuous to talk about pain when one has not experienced it oneself. I think of all our brothers all over the world who are suffering physical, psychological or spiritual pain.

The Cross and the Resurrection Denote the Journey of the Faithful

Once a monk asked a certain elder ascetic if the imitation of Christ is possible. The elder’s answer was brief and clear. Whoever is dominated by the things of the world, is unable to imitate Christ. Whoever, however abandons everything for Christ, is granted to imitate Him and to keep His commandments.