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Epiphany in Eastern and Western Christianity

1. THE FEAST OF EPIPHANY. On the 6th of January Eastern Orthodox and Western Christians celebrated the great Feast of Epiphany (Western) or Theophany (Eastern). This Feast introduced a new period of liturgical celebration, which is still with us – a celebration that goes right back to Christian beginnings and opens up the meaning of […]

The Church’s iconology

The Charismatic presence of the Prototype in the Icon that represents it according to the Church’s Iconology. by Demetrios Tselengidis, Professor of the Theological School of the Aristotelian University of Thessalonica The charismatic presence of the prototype in the icon that represents it is a truth of the Church that is clearly formulated in the […]

Genuine and false experiences of the Grace of God

Recorded speech of Abbot, Archimandrite George of the Holy Monastery of Saint Gregory of the Holy Mountain Athos at Stratoni of Halkidiki, on 14 January 1989, at the invitation of the Most Reverend Nicodemus, Metropolitan of Hierissou, of the Holy Mountain Athos and Ardameri. I am very pleased seeing at this evening’s meeting, a holy […]

Saint Thomais the Righteous of Lesvos (January 3rd)

St. Thomaïs the Righteous of Lesvos – Commemorated on January 3rd Note: The incredible, virtuous life of St. Thomais, a protector of the married life, is a wonderful example of the love, patience and forbearance that should exist between Christian husbands and wives. However, this in no way justifies the domestic abuse that she suffered […]