The Christmas Fast begins on November 15

The Christmas Fast begins on November 15 and lasts 40 days, concluding on December 24. On Fasting: An Interview with His Grace Bishop Christophoros of Andidon by Evangelos Sotiropoulos     Thank you, Your Grace, for taking the time to discuss the issue of fasting. Let me begin by asking, for those who may not […]

The Problem with Abundance

People are rarely satisfied with having enough. Many say to themselves,“If a little is good, then surely more is better.” This belief appeals to our desire for greater freedom: we want a larger selection to choose from to appease whatever mood strikes us at the moment. And people laud freedom as if it is a […]

Byzantine Iconography on Mount Athos

The Holy Mountain has been the great centre of Orthodox art since the fall of Constantinople. But art flourished on Mount Athos much earlier than that, as is shown by some icons and miniatures that have survived the severe vicissitudes through which the Holy Mountain has passed.     Of the older iconographic works, there […]