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Saint Theodore the Studite: Cheesefare Sunday

CATECHESIS 53 On fasting; and that the true fast of the obedient and the subject is the cutting off of one’s will. Given on Cheesefare Sunday. Brethren and Fathers, our good God who gives us life and brings us from year to year, has brought us also with love for mankind to this present time […]

Why only No meat During Cheesefare Week?

By Elder Epiphanios TheodoropoulosCheesefare Sunday received it’s name because the previous week we did not eat meat, but only dairy products, such as milk, cheese, etc., as well as eggs and fish. Many find this rule of the Church to be “unreasonable”, saying: “How is milk of a lamb allowed but not the meat of […]

On Cheesefare Sunday

By Sergei Bulgakov On this Sunday the Holy Church focuses on the memory of the exile of our ancestral parents from paradise for disobedience and intemperance in order that through misfortune it more evidently emphasizes the importance of the presented ascetical effort for all, and in the loss of the blessedness of paradise it specifies […]

Sunday of Forgiveness: Cheesefare Sunday

The Sunday of Forgiveness is the last Sunday prior to the commencement of Great Lent. During the pre-Lenten period, the services of the Church include hymns from the Triodion, a liturgical book that contains the services from the Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee, the tenth before Pascha (Easter), through Great and Holy Saturday. […]