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Old Calendar-New Calendar: the facts

PROLOGUE The “Calendar Issue” has been the cause of much turbulence in the Church. It has been turned into a focal point for controversy. Those who acknowledge the Old Calendar stubbornly insist that they are adhering to the “correct”, the “genuine” calendar (hence their preference for being called the “Genuine Orthodox Christians” or “G.O.C.”), who, […]

On schisms

Α. The schismatics Schismatics have the same faith as the One Church. They were however excised – severed – from Her, for secondary reasons: “for certain ecclesiastic reasons and mendable issues …………. among them” (Canon 1 of Basil the Great). Schismatics are the Old Calendarists in Greece. Β. Conventiclers Related to schismatics are conventiclers. These […]

The Origins of the Old Calendar Schism

It is a fact, that we are living in an era where the plethora of information often tends to upset society and cause confusion in contemporary man. Every subject – whether of minor or major importance – is subject to scores of interpretations and is often broadly projected or even supported with fanaticism by a […]