Why we dye eggs red for Pascha?

An Orthodox tradition related with Pascha celebrations is the presenting of red colored eggs to friends while giving Pascha greetings.

Synaxarion for the Sunday of Pentecost

On this day, the eighth Sunday of Pascha, we celebrate Holy Pentecost. Verses In a mighty wind doth Christ distribute the Divine Spirit In the form of fiery tongues unto the Apostles. In one great day, the Spirit was poured forth upon the Fishermen.   Synaxarion We celebrate this Feast of Holy Pentecost today in […]

The Day of the Holy Spirit

The feast in honor of the Holy Spirit, “one of the Trinity of God, one in honor, one in essence and one in glory with the Father and the Son” is celebrated on the Monday after Pentecost. This feast has been established by the Church “for the majesty of the Most Holy and Life-creating Spirit, for He is […]

“The Day of Easter” by Dionysios Solomos (A Paschal Poem)

Greece’s National poet Dionysios Solomos (1798–1857) was born on the Greek island of Zakynthos, to an elderly count and his teenaged housekeeper. Solomos was educated in Italy, where he studied law and literature, but on returning to Greece he relearned Greek, and decided to write in demotic, or common modern, Greek. He gained fame early […]