Martyria and Heresy in Saint Polycarp’s Letter to the Philippians-A Theological Note

St. Polycarp (69-156 AD) is an Apostolic Father of the Church. He served Smyrna as its bishop appointed by the Apostles, according to St. Irenaeus. (Irenaeus was a student of Polycarp. He refers to Polycarp in his work “Against Heresies”, III.3.4). Polycarp wrote several epistles. However, his only surviving epistle is the one to the […]

Sermon on 8th Sunday of Matthew (14:14-22)

“…people anxiously hope for just two things: bread and circuses” writes Juvenal in his tenth Satire, immortalizing thus a phrase that has been known ever since: panem et circenses. By these two, every nation and each man’s conscience can be tamed, manipulated, and enslaved. Bread and spectacles. And what can be more spectacular that the […]

Sermon on the Sunday of the Fourth Ecumenical Council

Today’s feast, my brothers and sisters in Christ, commemorates the synaxis of the 630 Fathers of the 4th Ecumenical Council, but it is better remembered by a miracle brought about by St Euphemia and which was commemorated on its own feast day a few days ago, on the 11th of July. Miracles performed by our […]

Prolegomena in the Studies of St.Papias, Bishop of Hierapolis

1.0 PAPIAS, THE APOSTOLIC FATHER OF THE CHURCH The Apostolic Fathers are the leaders of the Christian Church who lived in the second century AD.  The relation of the Apostolic Fathers with either the apostles or the elders who knew Christ personally, gave them a special status of respect in the faith community. Among the […]

The Ecclesiology of Nikos Nissiotis

Nikos Nissiotis Nikos Nissiotis was an academically respected Orthodox theologian who lived in the 20th century (1925-1986). He wrote various theological essays bringing new approaches to the field of systematic theology and presenting a dynamic Orthodox ecclesiology.  Although his work preserves a scholarly and academic character, it also reflects Nissiotis’ desire for inter-Christian cooperation and […]

An Orthodox Christian Theological Approach to Bioethics

I would like to thank you for inviting me to speak about the Orthodox Christian theological approach to bioethics at the Fourth Research Symposium of the Hellenic Medical and Dental Society of New England (Boston, MA). Certainly, it is appreciated by all that there are many different systems of ethics that are based on different […]