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Transforming Daily Activities of Life into Spiritual Lessons


We often feel as if our daily life distracts us from having thoughts of God. This is a trick of our mind that we must learn to change. Our sense take inputs from our surroundings and interpret them in terms of our well being automatically. Thus the real essence of everything we see is separated from any spiritual significance. To change this so that everything brings us greater awareness of God requires effort on our part to lift our awareness so we always seek a spiritual meaning for what we observe through our senses.


Here is some advice for Saint Theophan the Recluse.

It is necessary for you to reinterpret everything that comes before your eyes in a spiritual sense. This reinterpretation must fill your mind to such an extent that when you look at something, your eyes see something sensual, but your mind contemplates a spiritual truth. For example, you see a stain on a white skirt and sense that it is unpleasant, a shame to have happen. Reinterpret this as to how unfortunate and unpleasant it must be for the Lord, angels, and saints to see the stain of sin on our souls, pure from creation in the Divine image, renewed in the font of Baptism, and cleansed in the tears of repentance. You see how small children, when left by themselves, run around making noise and raising a fuss. Reinterpret this as to how our souls make noise and raise a fuss when their attention falls away from God and the fear of God.

We can see that almost any event can be seen as a lesson for our spiritual benefit. You can begin to examine all things around you and consciously seek a spiritual interpretation that keeps the memory of God in front of you all the time. Examine you surroundings and begin to give them spiritual significance.

Saint Theophan says,

When you do this each thing will be like a holy book or an article in a holy book for you. Each thing will lead you to a thought about God,… Everything will speak to you of God and keep your attention on Him.

Reference: The Spiritual Life, pp 219-221