The Temptation of Life’s Unforeseen Circumstances


We have a continuous temptation before us.
The unforeseen constantly occurs in our life.
You come to the monastery to find spiritual life, and you encounter evil. This is unforeseen.
You ask for a cell on the side of the monastery where there is no humidity, you acquire it, but you believe the sea brings on allergies, so that you have no joy night or day. Immediately your thoughts will tell you, “get up and leave”. This is unforeseen.
I approach you with the idea that you are a good person, and I see that you are upside down. This is unforeseen.
The unforeseen constantly presents itself to us, because we have will and desires.
The unforeseen are contrary to our will and desires, which is why they appear to be unforeseen, but in essence they aren’t.
Because a person who loves God expects anything and always says: “Thy will be done”.
Rain, storms, hail and lightning come? “Blessed be the Name of the Lord”.
Because these things cost our fleshliness, this is why we see them as unforeseen.
To prevent agitation, therefore, every time you get upset, so that you do not have anxiety and get troubled, expect anything, so you can endure whatever comes.
Always say – “welcome sickness”, “welcome failure”, “welcome martyrdom”.
This will bring gentleness, without which there is no spiritual life.
By Elder Aimilianos of Simonopetra
translated by John Sanidopoulos