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A Newly-Revealed Saint with Incorrupt Relics in Romania


The relic of the monk Joseph is located at Radeni Hermitage in the small city of Targu Neamt in N.E. Romania. On 7 November 2011 his exhumation took place seven years after his repose.
However the life of the monk Joseph is impressive and shows that God is wondrous in His Saints and that God is not silent. One sob, one tear, one Lord have mercy from the depths of the soul, and God forgives all.
Information about the venerable monk Joseph comes from a comment I found by a reader of the Romanian website from where I got the article.
According to this information, the monk Joseph had been a member of the communist party and had around nine children, not all from the same mother. Generally his life did not keep in pace with the teachings of the Church, but he was merciful. He lived in a village near Radeni Hermitage.
The fathers of the Hermitage say that upon entering the Hermitage he would continually weep, and the majority thought that he was deluded. Furthermore his fellow villagers would come who recognized him for his former life and they asked the Abbot to get rid of him from the Hermitage. Many times they wanted to get rid of him.
A little while before he died he was very sick. For about two weeks he was bedridden. Even then the villagers spoke evil of him. He would hear from his window how awful they spoke against him. He forgave them however and continued to shed tears of repentance.
A few days before he died he asked for Communion. The spiritual father of the Hermitage denied this request however because he Communed him a few days earlier. The next day when the spiritual father visited, the venerable monk Joseph told him that an angel of the Lord Communed him. He did not believed him and considered this a delusion.
After his burial a wolf stood at his grave and all night howled without stopping!