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Agape Vespers-Message by Metropolitan Nektarios


Agape Vespers-Message by Metropolitan Nektarios

Agape Vespers-Sunday of Pascha-April 19, 2020


Dear brothers and sisters, Christ is risen! Today we celebrate the Holy and Glorious Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. The tomb of Christ is empty but full of His grace, is full of His life. Today the Resurrection of Christ is not a symbol for all of us but is a reality. Christ indeed and truly risen from the dead. And this is something new, this is the precious gift that God gave to all of us to participate in His Resurrection. This is the hope that Christ gives to our hearts not to fear anymore death, not to fear anymore the difficulties and the trials of this life but to have hope in His Resurrection. Christ today fills our hearts with His joy. We know that this year is not possible for many of us to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ joyfully inside our churches but we connected our hearts. We have this spiritual comfort to broadcast the services and so to pray altogether each one from his place. But the joy of the Resurrection is the same, the blessing and the grace of Christ is the same for all of us. And the Resurrection and the Life that Christ bestowed to all of us is something that lasts forever. So, keep today the joy, keep today the good news and always trust in Jesus, love Him and keep His Resurrection in your heart. And never let anyone to steal the joy of Christ from your souls and your hearts. I would like today to thank and to express my gratitude to Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus for his blessing and brotherly love, to Fr. George Georgakopoulos, the clergy, the chanters of this holy church and to all those who helped us and worked all the Holy Week to broadcast the Holy Services of Holy Week and Pascha and to give us this blessed opportunity to watch the services and to connect us and to pray together. Maybe we will have very soon the opportunity to meet each other and to see the faces of each other. Until then my brothers and sisters, I offer to you along with Metropolitan Konstantinos of Singapore the blessing, filial love and our best wishes to all of you and your families. Celebrate joyfully the Pascha, celebrate with joy this great feast of our church. Christos Anesti. Alithos Anesti! Christ is risen. Truly He is risen! 

Metropolitan Nektarios of Hong Kong and South East Asia